wooden honey drizzler and honey comb

Oh, honey. There’s a reason why early discoverers of honey thought it was the food of the gods. The sticky, golden nectar has been used in for almost every application imaginable - from baking and cooking to skincare items and as a natural remedy for countless ailments. Honey also has the superpower of being one of the few foods that never spoils. No wonder nearly every culture has a story or myth surrounding the origins of honey!

Not all honey is the same

Unfortunately, not all honey available in stores is the best honey. In some cases, you’re not really buying honey at all. According to a test by Food Safety News, more than three-fourths of the honey on your local shelves isn’t honey at all - eeek. This “honey” is overprocessed, forced through high pressure filters to remove pollen. No pollen, no real honey. A huge thing to look out for when buying honey is where it was made and processed. Anything outside of the United States doesn’t make the cut.

Raw honey - what’s the big deal?

Raw honey is honey the way it was intended to be - no filtration, no heat processing, and no artificial flavors. Raw honey includes traces of pollen and propolis, and you’ll notice a crystallization process if it’s the real thing. A key to finding raw honey is to shop locally - usually, farmer’s markets and health food stores in your area will have raw, unfiltered honey from your area for sale. You get to shop local, support your environment, and get real honey - how sweet is that?

The possibilities (and benefits) are endless!

It’s no secret that honey has countless benefits. It’s rich in vitamins and minerals, unlike sugar. Honey has been used as an antiseptic, to relieve burns, and amazingly enough, honey has been linked to potentially being an anti-cancer agent. Adding some honey to your diet can give your skin a healthy glow, so why not make a face mask out of it to combat acne? It’s time to grab a copy of The Secret Life of Bees, and kick back with some raw, organic honey on your face, in your tea, and most definitely in your daily routine.

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