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The names may seem quite similar, but don't make the mistake of substituting poultry seasoning for chicken flavoring or vice versa. While poultry seasoning is most noteworthy for its use in Thanksgiving stuffing, chicken flavoring is a chicken-flavored powder commonly called chicken bouillon. They both enhance the flavor of chicken, but in entirely different ways.

Poultry Seasoning

Poultry seasoning is a commonly sold blend of spices that is generally formulated in a similar ratio no matter the brand. Made up of thyme, sage, marjoram, rosemary, celery salt, black pepper and nutmeg, the biggest difference between brands is most often the quality of the spices included. Creating herby, woody and peppery tones, poultry seasoning was created specifically for flavoring chicken, but also adds a unique, complex element to a number of other dishes and is included in many diverse recipes.

Chicken Flavoring

Chicken flavoring is used to create a quick chicken broth-like product. Often called chicken bouillon, chicken flavoring is sold in powder, paste and block form. To use chicken flavoring, you simply mix it and dissolve it in water. Chicken flavoring is made with a variety of ingredients that mimic the flavor of chicken. Some brands contain actual dehydrated chicken product and others have no chicken included. Many brands of chicken flavoring contain monosodium glutamate and additional additives not found in chicken broth.

Poultry Seasoning Uses

Use poultry seasoning when making chicken or turkey stuffing for the traditional stuffing flavors. Add poultry seasoning directly to chicken and meats before cooking or marinating them. Make herbed breads by adding poultry seasoning to the dough. Include poultry seasoning in your barbecue sauce for added complexity and flavor. Though the name may imply otherwise, poultry seasoning is commonly used in pork and fish recipes as well. Since the blend includes sage, thyme and rosemary, it pairs well with most lean meats and fish. Use one-half to 2 teaspoons of poultry seasoning to lend flavor to your meal.

Chicken Flavoring Uses

Use chicken flavoring in recipes calling for chicken stock as an equal exchange when constituted with water. Add the powder, cubes or paste directly to liquids like soup to acquire a chicken-like taste. Many types of chicken flavoring are saltier than chicken broth, so be sure to check soups for seasoning before adding salt to a recipe. Include chicken flavoring in rice or vegetables to boost their flavor or use chicken flavoring when preparing pasta dishes. Use chicken flavoring as a base for making a quick gravy or sauce to top potatoes or a roast.