By Elizabeth Streeter

Molasses and dark corn syrup are ingredients you'll find in many baked goods. Often used interchangeably, these syrups have several differences, including their origins and nutrients.

Molasses is a popular ingredient in baked goods.

Dark corn syrup

In general, corn syrup is a thick syrup processed from corn starch. Dark corn syrup has caramel flavoring and coloring added to the product.


Molasses comes from sugarcane or sugar beets. It is the sweet, syrupy residue left behind after the plants are boiled to crystallize sugar.

Types of molasses

There are three main types of molasses: light, dark and blackstrap. Differentiation is based on when the molasses was removed during the boiling process.


While corn syrup has few nutrients, molasses contains small amounts of calcium and iron. Blackstrap molasses is commonly used as a nutrition supplement.


Molasses has a rich, distinctive and sweet flavor that complements foods such as gingerbread. Dark corn syrup has a taste more similar to molasses.