Dermal Tone Instructions

By LeafTV Editor

Dermal Tone is a product that is no longer in production due to its failure to meet FDA guidelines. Originally Dermal Tone was marketed with claims that it could promote a youthful appearance by contracting various facial muscles through electrical stimulation. The contractions were said to strengthen the muscles, in turn giving the face a more toned and lifted appearance.

Dermal Tone devices are claimed to stimulate facial muscles.

Step 1

Plug the Dermal Tone device into a wall outlet and place yourself in a seated position.

Step 2

Apply aloe vera gel or lotion to your face prior to applying the Dermal Tone muscle stimulator. This is not necessary but may aid with conduction.

Step 3

Use intensity B to work the brow area. Place the Dermal Tone horizontally above the brow line and hold for several seconds. Repeat the procedure on the opposite eye brow. You should feel a lifting and a tingling sensation.

Step 4

Work the chin and the neck area by holding the Dermal Tone vertically, placing it on the side of the windpipe. Hold for several seconds and then alternate to under and above the jawbone. You will feel your muscles contract and pull. Begin on the A setting and increase as your muscles gain strength. Dermal Tone claims that diet and exercise will maximize your results.

Step 5

Hold the device in a horizontal position. Set it to setting B. Move the device slowly up and down from the jaw to the outer corner of the eye In order to work the cheek area. Hold the Dermal Tone in place a few seconds in each position. You may see and feel your skin pull.