Beautiful woman drinking water from plastic bottle in nature

Pure water, also known as purified water, is water from a source that has removed all impurities. Distilled water is the most common form of pure water. Pure water can be purified by carbon filtration, micro-porous filtration and ultraviolet oxidation. Some places use a combination of purification processes. Pure water can be used in cooking, drinking, scientific studies and laboratories.


Distilled pure water is bottled pure water that was produced by distillation. This water is boiled and the steam is then condensed into a sanitary container in which the contaminants are left behind. This process does not guarantee a bacteria-free product unless the reservoir is completely sterilized.


Deionized water is a cheaper imitation of distilled water. This type of pure water has been stripped of all mineral ions, such as calcium, copper and iron. The deionization process is a physical process that uses ion exchange resins that remove the mineral salts from the water. Deionization is an inexpensive way to create a form of pure water.


Pure water can be used in everyday life as a drink for humans and animals. Pure water is also a good type of water to use for fish aquariums due to the water being free of harsh impurities like chlorine and copper, which can kill some fish. Some car washes use pure water because it does not leave spots. Pure water is also preferred over tap water to be used in vehicles due to the water not containing chemicals that can cause damage to internal engine components.


There are both advantages and disadvantages to consuming pure water. Pure water does not contain minerals such as calcium and iron, which are found in basic drinking water. A percentage of our daily mineral needs comes from drinking water, although most of them are from the food that we ingest. Pure water also does not contain fluoride, which is an important nutrient in maintaining healthy teeth. As long as you are getting the minerals and nutrients that you need from vitamins or food, you should be able to safely drink pure water.


Tap water is associated with many poor cardiovascular problems. Tap water has been found to negatively correlate with heart disease. Pure water does not contain many chemical compounds that our bodies do not need, such as the minerals that can cause these harmful effects.