Cream of tartar is a white, odorless powder that has numerous culinary and household applications. Recently, the acidic properties that make cream of tartar an effective cleaning agent have been utilized to relieve symptoms of acne.


When used to address acne, cream of tartar is not applied topically to the skin. Instead, it is ingested in a once-daily cocktail that consists of 1 tsp. cream of tartar and 8 oz. water or juice.

How It Works

While it doesn't improve acne overnight, a long-term regimen of diluted cream of tartar gradually enhances skin condition. A regular intake of the cocktail will not only mitigate acne symptoms, but sustain a clear complexion.


Cream of tartar is considered to have cleansing effects that purge the body of toxins. In addition to flushing out bacteria that contribute to acne, it is also reduces the buildup of excess oil that contribute to blackheads and whiteheads.


Cream of tartar is a cheap, convenient ingredient. Unlike standard acne medications, it does not require a prescription, contain synthetic chemicals or carry risks of side effects like skin inflammation and dryness.


Edgar Cayce, a popular American spiritualist who was believed to have psychic abilities, developed his own recipe for acne treatment that employed cream of tartar.