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Making your own mixture of cayenne pepper and olive oil is a natural, cost-effective way to improve the fullness and glossiness of hair and promote growth. Ancient doctors treated alopecia, or baldness, with a tonic composed primarily of cayenne. Cayenne pepper increases peripheral blood flow, bringing nourishment to the scalp. Cayenne pepper and olive oil can be ingested or used topically for beneficial results.

Kitchen Remedies

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Making a cayenne pepper and olive-oil hair remedy is simple and affordable. There are a variety of techniques. By experimenting, you can find the treatment that is the most comfortable to you. This remedy is not an immediate result, but one that begins to show its healthful benefits, such as increased shine and volume over weeks and months of continued treatment.

Recipes for Hair Growth

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A recipe that has been used with success combines 25 grams of dried cayenne pepper with 500 milliliters of olive oil. Put tonic in a dark bottle as light destroys the brew. Let herbal mixture stand for 10-to-14 days. Use regularly by rubbing a tablespoon or two, depending upon hair volume, into the hair and scalp. Shampoo and condition afterward. Use the recipe as often as desired. Be sure to shampoo thoroughly when finished.

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You can find cayenne pepper dried in bulk at an herb store or in the seasonings isle of your local grocery store. Another way to use this treatment is to mix 1-to-2 teaspoons of cayenne pepper with 1-to-2 teaspoons of olive oil, creating a thick paste that you then rub into the base of your scalp and any balding spots. Massage the paste thoroughly into your scalp and hair and leave in for ten to fifteen minutes, covered with a shower cap or plastic bag. The olive oil will neutralize the heat from the cayenne. Remove cap, shampoo and rinse thoroughly. You can also leave the paste in your hair overnight if you wish to intensify its effect.

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