Castor oil plant crop

Castor oil is a vegetable oil made from the seed of the castor plant. It has numerous household, beauty, and medicinal uses. One of the most common uses of castor oil is for detoxification. Many people consume castor oil as a detoxification (cleansing the body of toxins) agent and laxative, and even to induce labor. If you are not comfortable with the oral consumption of castor oil, you can make a castor oil pack, which aids digestion and draws impurities through the skin to purify the body.

Castor Oil Detoxification Pack

A castor oil pack is the method of applying castor oil to the skin and heating it to activate detoxification. A castor oil pack will loosen build-up in the digestive tract and allow you to eliminate excess toxins. For the castor oil pack you will need a bottle of castor oil, plastic wrap, a towel, and a heating pad or hot water bottle. Complete the pack before you go to bed up to three times a week. Lie down on a bed or sofa. Pour some castor oil onto your stomach and spread it all over your abdomen covering where your digestive tract is. This can be a bit messy so it is a good idea to have some baby wipes on hand so you can clean your hands without getting up. Rip off a piece of plastic wrap that will cover the entire area and place it on your stomach. Lay a towel on top of the plastic wrap to keep the mess contained and to protect your stomach from the heating pad. Place a heating pad, or a hot water bottle, over the towel. Set it on medium or high depending on the thickness of the towel. If you might fall asleep put it on low or medium to avoid burning the skin. Relax with the pack on for about an hour. You may then wash the oil off using a wet towel or by taking a shower.