Merrell shoes are popular footwear for outdoor enthusiasts. They provide comfort, stability, and quality in shoes built to last. Many of Merrell's more popular models, like the Jungle Moc, are made from pigskin leather or suede. Proper care of your shoes will extend their life and ensure that you can have continued dependence on their protection and comfort for your feet.

Pigskin Leather Care

Clean and polish your shoes regularly. Use a damp cloth to wipe off any surface mud or dirt before applying polish. Use a silicone based wax for soft leathers. Find a polish that closely matches your shoe color, or just use a neutral shade. Apply the polish in a thick layer using a soft cloth or brush. Take care to pay special attention to where the upper meets the sole. Let the polish dry before buffing the surface with a clean cloth. Apply a waterproofing spray to the outside of the shoe.

Suede Care

Use a soft rubber suede brush regularly to prevent dust and dirt from gathering in the suede. If the shoes get wet, this dirt can form an ugly scum that can ruin the shoes' appearance. Occasionally shampoo the shoes with a specially formulated product made for suede. This treatment will be needed more often if the shoes are a lighter shade. Use a stain remover for any unsightly marks. Restore color with a liquid shade dressing if necessary. If the surface is matte or shiny, gently buff with fine-grain sandpaper to restore the suede's original appearance.


Break in your shoes gradually. Wear them around the house and out for short walks, before any long hikes or runs (depending on shoe style). This will give the sole and body of the shoe a chance to form to your foot, for more comfortable wear long-term wear. Alternate your footwear, so you are not relying on the same pair of shoes every day. This will help to extend the life of the shoes.


Place cedar shoe trees inside of your shoes when you are not wearing them. The trees will absorb moisture, stretch the shoe to prevent wrinkling or cracking, and add a nice scent. Store the shoes in a cool, dry place, such as a closet. Avoid exposing them to severe heat or humidity.