Can You Freeze Chocolate-Covered Pretzels?

By Alyssa Ideboen

Chocolate-covered pretzels are a salty, crunchy and sweet treat enjoyed worldwide. There are a variety of types of chocolate pretzels and they're enjoying a couple of ways. Storing them properly will allow them to stay fresh longer.

Cover pretzels with chocolate and other candy for a delicious treat.

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History of the Chocolate Pretzel

The pretzel has been around a long time. The earliest record of pretzels were recorded in France and Italy around 610 AD. The history of the chocolate-covered pretzel is shrouded in some mystery, but the Ultimate Chocolate Shoppe website states that historians claim this treat was created by Franz Joseph Liebniz in Hamburg in 1544.

Varieties of Chocolate Covered Pretzels

Chocolate pretzels come in a variety of types. They start as plain pretzels, which are strips of dough that are twisted or cut into shapes and then salted and baked. Pretzels are then dipped into melted white, dark or milk chocolate and left to cool. When cooled, they can be eaten as is for snacks or used as swizzle sticks dipped into hot beverages, like cocoa or coffee.

Storing Chocolate Covered Pretzels

Store chocolate-covered pretzels in an air-tight container in a pantry or other food storage area. These treats do not hold up well in the freezer, as the pretzel loses moisture. It is possible the pretzels will taste stale when defrosted. If you need to freeze pretzels, wrap them securely with plastic wrap or freezer bags and then store in an air-tight container.