Can You Cool a Can of Soda in 30 Seconds?

By James Holloway

Finding out that some inconsiderate person has taken the last cold soda out of the refrigerator and not restocked it can be very frustrating on a hot day. If your thirst won't wait, you can chill a can in moments using a mixture of water, ice cubes and salt. You may not get an ice-cold can in 30 seconds, but your drink will be chilled to perfection within a few minutes.


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Preparing the Cooler


Fill a bowl with water and ice. You'll need enough to immerse the can; the higher the proportion of ice to water, the quicker your can will cool. Place the can in the water; then sprinkle salt over the mixture and mix it thoroughly.

The Science of Cool


When the salt dissolves in the water, it lowers the freezing point of the solution, which causes the ice floating in the water to melt rapidly. As it melts, it absorbs heat energy from the water and the can. In just a few minutes, the can will be perfectly chilled.

Speeding Up the Process


To help your can chill more quickly, stir the mixture as the ice melts. Stirring speeds up the melting process. Your canned soda won't be completely cold in 30 seconds, but it will be much cooler.