rosted Garlic cloves in pan

Roasted garlic is a delicious member of the onion family that can be eaten on its own or used to add some flavor to a variety of foods. If you’re a fan of roasted garlic, then you should know that not only does it flavor your food, it also has health benefits. Learn a little bit more about the health benefits of garlic and roasted garlic alongside the perk of adding flavor to your soup, hummus, mashed potatoes, or garlic bread.

Roasted Versus Raw

There are a few benefits of roasted garlic cloves versus eating it raw. Raw garlic can be hard to swallow, and as you roast it, the flavor becomes a bit sweeter and more mild, so this is a major flavor benefit of roasting it. Also, it is believed that chopping and roasting for a short period can stimulate and release the compounds in garlic that make eating garlic good for conditions including heart disease.or heart attack or as an anti-inflammatory.

Cardiovascular Health

Another benefit of eating cooked garlic is increased heart health and a stronger cardiovascular system. It's important to not roast the garlic too long, say around 10 minutes, and also don't microwave it, as this can deplete its beneficial properties. Cloves of garlic have been found to help lower blood pressure, which is why many doctors recommend it to those with high blood pressure. It can help lower cholesterol levels as part of a balanced die, and can also help prevent arteries from clogging or clotting.

Cancer Prevention

Along with helping your body fight off colds and infections, roasted garlic has also been found to help in the prevention of certain cancer cells in the digestive system. Cancers that garlic may help you prevent are stomach cancer, colon cancer and intestinal cancer, and a few other kinds such as breast cancer and prostate cancer.

Digestive Health

If you have digestive issues, such as irritable bowel syndrome or gastroesophageal reflux disease, try eating roasted garlic to help with symptoms like heartburn, nausea and indigestion. Since roasted garlic is milder than raw garlic, it is good for you to eat if you have digestive issues, as it won't upset your stomach as much as raw garlic would. Garlic helps digestive health by promoting the production of fluids that help in digestion, assisting in the removal of waste from the body and decreasing side effects such as inflammation of the stomach.

Immune Booster

Roasted garlic can help boost your immune system. Thanks to its antibacterial properties, garlic can strengthen immunities and help fight off bacteria and illnesses. So next time you feel the onslaught of a common cold, or there is one going around your home or work, try eating some roasted garlic bulbs instead of other flavor options like shallots to keep yourself from getting sick.

External Benefits

Roasted garlic can also be used to treat a number of ailments on the outside of your body. It’s effective in treating athlete’s foot as an antifungal by rubbing the warm clove onto the affected area. You can also use it for other skin infections like acne, as well as a treatment for small wounds to prevent infection. Interestingly, a warm clove of fresh garlic can also be applied to an infected ear to treat pain and infection.

There are many garlic supplements trending and available for those hoping to add health benefits to food without reaching directly for the garlic head, some including garlic extract or garlic oil. The benefits in garlic such as selenium, manganese, potassium, vitamin B6, vitamin C, and allicin can be a great addition to already healthy foods to boost outcomes.