Beauty Advice on Healing Broken Skin

By LeafTV Editor

Broken skin on the face or other visible parts of the body can be embarrassing and all too noticeable. While you may not be able to cover the broken skin completely, there are some makeup tricks you can try to make the blemish less obvious. You can also make the wound heal faster, covering the broken skin with new, healthy skin.

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Beauty Advice On Healing Broken Skin


Proper Healing

The goal of healing your broken skin is to allow healthy cells to form as quickly as possible, so you don't have to deal with the wound for weeks. A common myth is that if you allow broken skin to "air out," oxygen will help it to heal faster. This is untrue. Allowing broken skin to "air out" just causes a crusty scab to form that actually slows the healing process.

You'll need to keep the area as moist and clean as possible to encourage new cell growth. Wash it once a day with equal parts hydrogen peroxide and water to ensure that it doesn't get infected. Infected skin can be difficult to heal and is much more unsightly than broken skin.

To keep the area moist, put a very thin layer of petroleum jelly over the wound and cover it with a bandage at night. For small areas of broken skin, this method should allow new, healthy skin to develop in just a few days.


Once you've begun to properly take care of your broken skin, you'll need to know how to conceal it properly. After you've cleaned the area and covered it with a very thin layer of petroleum jelly, use a primer all over the area to ensure the makeup goes on smoothly.

Before you begin, clean your concealer brush with a makeup brush cleanser to keep as many germs as possible out of the broken skin. It's best to use a concealer with a yellow undertone to balance out the redness of broken skin. Simply dip the tip of your clean brush into the concealer and gently apply it to the broken skin in thin layers until the area is concealed. This trick can be done with any sort of concealer, but mineral oil concealers often work best for full coverage.


Even if you allow your broken skin to heal properly, there is a chance you'll be left with a scar. If a scar begins to develop after the broken skin is healed, apply emu oil directly to the area once daily until the scar goes away. If a scar forms anyway, there are several creams available over the counter that can reduce the appearance of the scar, smoothing out the skin's texture and color. Apply these creams according to package labels.