Woman applying moisturizer

Dry, cracked, and broken skin on the face and other areas is uncomfortable, at times unsightly and even painful. While you may not be able to conceal the broken skin entirely, there are some beauty tricks that will do wonders. More importantly, the skin needs to be cared for in order to heal.

Proper Healing

The main goal is to promote new growth of healthy cells. This will cut down healing time. A common mistake is the notion that broken skin needs to "air out", as the oxygen will help it to heal This is untrue. Allowing broken skin to "air out" just causes a crusty scab to form that actually slows the healing process.

The area needs to be kept as moist and clean as possible to encourage new cell growth. To keep the area moist, put a very thin layer of petroleum jelly over the wound and cover it with a bandage every night before bed. after a few days, small areas of broken skin should start to diminish. In addition, to your routine skin-care, wash the affected area once a day with equal parts hydrogen peroxide and water to ensure that it doesn't get infected. Infected skin will take longer to heal; no to mention lead to more serious health problems than unfriendly looking dermis.


Now that you've taken steps to take care of your skin, you can work on concealing it. First, clean the area thoroughly and lubricate it with a thin layer of petroleum jelly. Next, use a primer--spread evenly all over the area-- to start.

Before you begin, clean your concealer brush with a makeup brush cleanser to keep as many germs as possible away from the damaged skin. If the skin is red from inflammation, use a concealer with yellow tones as this will help balance out the redness. Simply dip the tip of your clean brush into the concealer and gently apply it to the broken skin in thin layers until the area is no longer visible. This trick can be done with any basic concealer, but mineral oil brands tend to work best for full, even coverage.


Even if you do everything right, and do stellar skin-care, there is still a slight chance you'll be left with a scar. If a scar begins to develop after healing, apply emu oil directly to the area once daily until you begin to see the scar disappearing. There are also several creams available over the counter that can reduce the appearance of the scar by smoothing out the skin's texture and color. Apply these creams according to package labels.