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If you grew up during the fifties and sixties, chances are you drank water or some other beverage from an aluminum tumbler. The colorful lightweight tumblers kept drinks cool and were also cool to touch on a very hot day. Retro style aluminum tumblers are making a comeback with many who love the cool, classic style of the tumblers.

Why is There Concern About Aluminum Drinkware and Utensils?

Many people are concerned about aluminum getting into drinks and food products because of they feel that aluminum is a cause of Alzheimer's disease. During the 1960s aluminum utensils, cookware and other pieces came under scrutiny because it was thought the metal caused Alzheimer's Disease. This is because some people who died with the disease had usually high amounts of aluminum in the brain.

Aluminum Tumblers are Safe

Although there continue to be questions concerning relationship between aluminum containers and cookware, and Alzheimer's disease, there has been no definitive research to substantiate these claims. For this reason, the Alzheimer's Association refers to the assertion that aluminum causes Alzheimer's as a myth. Therefore aluminum tumblers are safe options for beverage ware.

Aluminum tumblers are safe and versatile

Aluminum tumblers are not only safe to use, but they are versatile and easy to match to any home decor. Using aluminum tumblers means no worry about broken glasses. The tumblers are lightweight and shatter resistant so they are easy to take on picnics, or to use when serving young children who might drop them.

Avoid purchasing older Aluminum Tumblers

Some aluminum tumblers that may be left over from years past could possibly have coatings or paints that might not be safe by today's standards. Any chipped or flaking coatings could be problematic, especially if you are not familiar with the content of the coating or paint. Make sure the tumbler is aluminum. Some drink ware such as items made of pewter and galvanized metal could be unsafe because lead and zinc can leach from these metals when acid drinks such as lemonade are kept in them for long periods of time. Select new aluminum tumblers from retailers that specialize in housewares.