Apple cider vinegar is often recommended for its natural health benefits. The vinegar is made when apple sugars are fermented first into alcohol and then into acetic acid. Vinegar contains the acetic and additional minerals and ingredients. It is available in liquid and tablet form. Personal preferences, as well as potential benefits and drawbacks, should be taken into consideration when deciding which form of apple cider vinegar to use.


Vinegar has been used for medicinal and health purposes throughout civilization. In approximately 420BC, Hippocrates recommended vinegar be used to disinfect wounds and to be mixed with honey to fight colds. In the 10th century, the founder of forensic medicine Sung Tse, used a vinegar and sulfur mixture as an antiseptic to prevent any infection from autopsies. In 18th century America, vinegar was recommended to treat poison ivy, the croup, diabetes and indigestion.


Traditional apple cider vinegar is found in liquid form. To be most efficient it is recommended that an organic liquid be used. This liquid is the result of a long fermentation process and contains "the mother". "The mother" is sediment consisting of acetic bacteria and enzymes. Vinegar produced in the United States must be 4 percent acidic. In Europe, the numbers vary by region with cider vinegar being 5 percent to 6 percent acetic acid.

Apple cider vinegar is also widely available in tablet form. Tablets are advertised as a popular natural weight loss supplement due to their ability to make you feel full. Tablets are a processed form of apple cider vinegar, and potentially other ingredients, which dissolve in your stomach.

Pros/Cons Liquid

The organic vinegar is not pasteurized and caution should be taken due to potential bacteria in the liquid.

Liquid vinegar has a strong taste and odor and many people do not like the taste.

Undiluted liquid vinegar can cause damage to tooth enamel. You should rinse out your mouth after swallowing any vinegar.

Organic vinegar, which contains "the mother," is considered to have the strongest medicinal benefits.

Pros/Cons Tablets

Tablets are an easy way to ingest apple cider vinegar without experiencing the strong taste.

Swallowing a tablet will prevent the potential damage to tooth enamel caused by liquid vinegar.

Read labels carefully and purchase a reputable brand. A study by the University of Arkansas determined that many tablets advertised as apple cider vinegar supplements do not actually contain apple cider vinegar.

It is unknown if the benefits of apple cider vinegar survive the process needed to transform the vinegar into tablets.


All health supplements should be discussed with your doctor. There may be drug interactions or other cause for concerns regarding your health situation.