Adult Humor Birthday Cakes Ideas

By Samantha Hanly

Whether you are an experienced baker or are baking a cake for the first time, any birthday cake can be sexually embellished and crafted with adult humor. The trick is to tap into your own creativity once you have the batter ready to pour. Some of the following ideas are simple to do, others are more complex.

Birthday cake

Female Birthday Cake Ideas

Woman with piping bag

Before going out and purchasing a cake pan shaped like a naked lady, consider all of your options.

Start with a rectangular sheet cake. Cut a half-moon on each side to make her waist, and cut a small triangle out of the bottom to make a separation between her legs.

Add two large cupcakes for breasts. Attach the breasts with icing, then ice the cake with a skin colored icing. You can buy white icing and good quality food coloring to make the shade of your choice.

When she is iced, add two raspberries or strawberries for nipples, and sprinkle chocolate sprinkles (or any other color) where her pubic hair should be. A chocolate chip for her navel and she is ready to eat.

Consider using icing to create sexy underwear on the female cake, instead of leaving her naked. Or use a piping bag to put her in a Victorian bodice.

Male Birthday Cake Ideas

Ladyfinger cookies

Ladyfingers are soft cookies made with cake batter. They are oblong and delicate, just like a lady's finger. They also make great penises.

For dessert at the next erotic birthday party, make or purchase enough ladyfingers that each guest can have two or three penises.

On top of a doily or paper pastry cup, place one ladyfinger. Spread a little frosting on top and place another ladyfinger on top. (This is just to make the dessert heartier and the penis a little bigger.)

At one end of the ladyfingers, place two large strawberries dipped in white or dark chocolate. On the other end, dab a small squirt of whipped cream. When presenting this dessert to the birthday boy or girl, put the candle in the whipped cream.


Round cake

Any round cake can be decorated with humorous figurines. Adult shops have plenty of possibilities in the form of plastic cake toppers and decorations.

Fondant is a sugar based cake covering that, when left very thick, can be sculpted. If you wish to try your hand at sculpting fondant, you can create any personalized cake topper for the next birthday bash.