Woman with upper abdominal pain

When many people refer to rib pain, they mean pain in the upper abdominal area. Since there are so many causes for rectal bleeding and upper abdominal pain, it's important to see your doctor in order to determine the exact cause and get it treated. Please don't use this article in the place of your doctor's advice. When you go to your doctor, make sure you say whether the pain is on the right or left side.


Any pain under or around your rib cage coupled with rectal bleeding or a bright red color or if you are vomiting what looks like coffee grounds (dried blood), you need to call an ambulance immediately.


If the blood is bright red and constant, this is a sign of internal damage and you need to go to the emergency room. If the blood is bright red but only spots which lessen the more you wipe, then it's most likely internal hemorrhoids. Dark blood or tarry stools is a sign of internal bleeding. Rib pain could be indigestion.


If you've recently had surgery or a blow to the rib cage and have pain and rectal bleeding, contact your doctor immediately. If you are pregnant, then the rib pain is most likely indigestion. Bleeding from the rectum often happens to heavily pregnant women. Chronic constipation can also bring pain in the rib area from straining. The blood will be bright red.


Black stools do not always mean that blood is in them. Certain medications, such as Pepto-Bismol can cause black stools. Beets or foods with red dyes can sometimes cause brick red stools.


In order to diagnose just what your problem is and it's not an medical emergency, you may have to bring in a stool sample. You may also have to get a colonoscopy to determine where the bleeding is and if it's from a tumor or a polyp.