To put it simply, essential oils are concentrated plant matter that have been extracted from herbs via a steaming process. And diffusing essential oils in your home is the new go-to holistic approach to solving most of today's issues. Diffuse to chill out, boost our immune system, get energized, or to clear the air - literally. Each variety of essential oil can provide different benefits, but the key is to use quality products that don't contain harmful fragrances. We love and trust No Tox Life for all our diffusing needs, and even have one of their oils in The Year of Wellness.

Here are some of our favorite essential oils to diffuse and why:

  1. Lavender: It's honestly hard to think of our nighttime routine before diffusing lavender was part of it. Use it to reduce anxiety and stress, get rid of nagging headaches, heal wounds or even burns, calm eczema and psoriasis, and even to repair your complexion. Think of diffusing lavender as the new chill pill for your body and mind.
  2. Orange: Citrus scents in general are helpful for gaining energy, and we love a good orange scent to freshen the air naturally. Orange can also help to get you out of a bad mood, yay!
  3. Eucalyptus: This is one of the essential oils directly linked to air purification, so it's essential (had to) to have in your home. It reduces inflammation and congestion, too. Use it when someone is sick or daily to clear toxins from your space.
  4. Peppermint: Think of peppermint as a boost for your brain, plus it's great for congestion. This oil can help with mental clarity, so it's ideal for working hours or if you're feeling groggy. A cup of tea and some peppermint oil and you're ready to take on any task!
  5. Lemon: Just like orange and peppermint, lemon can help with mind energy. And who doesn't love the fresh smell of lemon? Lemon is also wonderful for keeping your immune system strong; it's one of our winter necessities.
  6. Chamomile: A sister to lavender, this is a perfect choice for relaxation. It's also linked to helping with pain relief, so diffuse this scent after a workout or too many glasses of vino.
  7. Rosemary: Live somewhere with a lot of bugs or want to keep your doors wide open? Rosemary helps to repel insects like moths, mosquitoes and fruit flies. Great for hot summer nights!

What's your essential oil of choice? What should we add to our arsenal?