Commercial air fresheners are filled with toxins, including phthalates, which build up in your body over time and can wreak major havoc on your health. What if you could make your home smell amazing sans toxins? Good news! You can. Here are 5 natural ways to make your home smell good:

Indoor plants

Nature’s finest air purifier. Investing in a few indoor plants is an easy way to absorb any unwanted odors (and toxins) in your home. As you can probably guess, it’s not exactly natural for us to live in air-tight spaces - add chemical-laden home goods like new carpets, and your home’s air is suddenly not so healthy. Indoor plants will absorb these airborne toxins and odors, and even pump out fresh oxygen. As an added bonus, plants are an effortless way to spruce up your home decor.

Essential oils

Add them to anything, seriously! Putting a few drops of your favorite essential oil into a diffuser is a quick way to make any room smell amazing. You can even play around with different oils for each season, like peppermint in the winter and orange blossom in spring. Try adding essential oils to your natural cleaning supplies for an extra oh-so-fresh smell. To make your kitchen smell fresh, add some lemon essential oil to powder cleanser and give your countertops a good wipe. So fresh and so (naturally) clean!

Vanilla extract on light bulbs

This may seem crazy, but we swear it works! Try putting a little alcohol-free vanilla extract on your light bulbs. If you never thought you’d get anything out of a hot light bulb except a burnt finger (okay, and light), you were wrong. Once the light bulb gets hot, it’ll heat up the vanilla and will have your home smelling delicious in no time. Kinda genius right?

Baking soda

Yep, another baking ingredient! Since you probably already have it on hand, might as well give it a shot. Put a box of baking soda anywhere odors may linger - in your fridge, in the bottom of your garbage can - seriously, anywhere. Baking soda will absorb any and all nasty odors, and we promise this trick won’t disappoint.

Burning a clean candle

Candles are such a multi-tasker. Not only do they make your home smell good, they’re so pretty and relaxing to have in any room. But steer clear of toxic candles that are made with paraffin wax. Instead, opt for a non-toxic candle made with beeswax or plant-based wax (like coconut or soy), and a cotton wick.