The following are a few ways to resolve your restless leg syndrome (RLS) using different forms of acupressure. RLS is defined as having a pain or feeling in your legs that makes you feel a need to always move them; it can create sleep deprivation if pain is also involved. Acupressure can improve your quality of sleep and reduce your back/leg pain. There are 14 lines of energy coursing through our bodies that in Chinese theory is responsible for keeping us healthy. When there is a blockage in them, a health problem may be present.The gall bladder and bladder lines channel the energy responsible for creating the RLS issues, so pressing or tapping the right points can assist your body in healing. Reprogramming and removing the stagnate energy that is causing the back pain can lead to pain-free legs.

Deficiencies and Conditions That Lead to RLS

Restless leg syndrome plagues many people and sometimes something as simple as an iron deficiency, cold or flu medications, caffeine, or too much tobacco or alcohol may be the problem. Any of the following conditions can cause RLS and acupressure may assist in helping you get relief. Unfortunately, if medication is causing the problem, acupressure will not help in the long term. Parkinson's disease, peripheral neuropathy, diabetes or any kidney issues can also create restless leg syndrome.

What Is Acupressure?

Acupressure is based on the Chinese theory that 14 lines of energy, called meridians, run through your body. Think of them as electrical lines and at certain points there are breakers. The breakers are the trigger points or acupressure points you want to press to flip the switch back on and get a smooth unobstructed energy flowing creating health and well-being. If this energy flow is disrupted in some way, the body will react with disease. Negative thoughts, trauma, stress and emotions get embedded in the meridian, creating the disruption. Acupressure is done using the fingertips to gently push, hold or tap certain points or breakers. These same points are used for acupuncture except that needles are used instead of pressure. Sometimes magnets are also taped to the points for bigger issues that need a constant stimulation.

Gall Bladder Meridian


Look at the diagram for the gall bladder meridian and you can see the acupressure points (or breakers) are notated by the red dots. In basic acupressure, start at the side of the eye at the crease and work your way down the body, tapping each point. You have found the point if it is sensitive to the touch. Go through and hold each point for 15 to 20 seconds, focusing intently on your restless leg syndrome and feelings and frustrations you are experiencing.

Bladder Meridian


Once again look for the points for the bladder meridian in this next diagram and repeat what you did for the other meridian. Starting at the inside of the eyebrow at the nose indent, tap or hold the point and move down the body. Hold each of the points 15 to 20 seconds or until the pain eases. Notice the amount of pressure you are using and after holding the point, press again and see if you have to push harder to get the same pain response. Most of the time you will notice the pain is gone and all that is left is pressure when you press.



Pressing on these trigger points releases a tight muscle. A healthy muscle does not hurt. A buildup of lactic aids is what creates the pain, and as they start to flow from the area they are replaced with fresh blood and oxygen. Drink a few glasses of water after a session to flush the lactic acids from your body. Do some stretching exercises to lengthen these newly flexible muscles.


EFT is a form of acupressure/meridian therapy that therapists use to assist clients with emotional and physical issues. EFT is a very easy formula that the layperson can use at home without having to figure out which meridian is responsible for his problem. EFT is a great modality, but requires some additional breaker tapping to accelerate the healing. The basic recipe, when followed, covers all 14 meridians; you tap each acupressure point around seven times till resolved. If you apply 40 extra taps to the problem meridian, you can throw that breaker faster. The chart above shows the basic points you can tap on for results. If you cannot resolve your issue you may be missing an aspect of the problem. A example of using EFT for fear of snakes is in the reference section, but you can use it to alleviate RLS.