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Your tonsils are intended to function as part of your body's immune system. However, many people have so much trouble with their tonsils while they are young that it ends up being easier to remove them rather than deal with the complications. One fairly common tonsil disorder is called chronic cryptic tonsils, and if you have this condition, you may need to adjust your lifestyle in order to avoid inflaming your tonsils.

Tonsils: Immune Function

The tonsils' role in immune function is to filter out germs and bacteria that enter the body through the nose and mouth. Since these are the two most-used passages from the outside of the body, the tonsils are constantly subjected to a barrage of bacteria and other potentially infectious or inflammatory organisms. As a result, the tonsils have plenty of opportunity to become inflamed. One common type of infraction is chronic cryptic tonsils, which are the result of constant inflammation.

Chronic Cryptic Tonsils

Your tonsils are located near the top of the throat on both the right and left sides. If you shine a flashlight down your throat, you will be able to see them. They are large clumps of tissue that are pink when healthy, but may become white or yellow when infected. Chronic cryptic tonsils occur when the folds in the tonsils trap food particles and dead bacteria, creating an infection.

Identifiers for Chronic Cryptic Tonsils

Chronic cryptic tonsils do not always manifest themselves with a sore throat, although this is a typical symptom of the problem. Chronic cryptic tonsils also cause bad breath, because of the rotting bacteria and food trapped in the tonsils. Additionally, you may see tiny, white, stone-like fragments called tonsiliths, which contribute to the irritation of the throat.

Effects of Chronic Cryptic Tonsils

Chronic cryptic tonsils are not a major health issue, but they can be a pretty big inconvenience. They cause chronic sore throats, and periodic inflammation of the entire throat area because of the stones that are lodged in the folds of the tonsils. The biggest effect that this condition has on most people is to create mild to severe halitosis that cannot be corrected using traditional oral cleaning methods.

Treatment of Chronic Cryptic Tonsils

If you have chronic cryptic tonsils, then your treatment options are somewhat limited. First, your doctor will probably try to treat the problem with antibiotics in the hope that easing the inflammation in the tonsils will give them time to heal. However, this frequently does not work because chronic cryptic tonsillitis is often caused in part because your tonsils are extra-wrinkly and just trap a lot of bacteria. In many cases, the only permanent solution is to remove the tonsils entirely.

Warning: See Your Doctor

If you experience chronic sore throats or other respiratory infections, you should visit your doctor immediately. While the cause may be simple--such as chronic cryptic tonsils--constant infections are also indicative of a wide variety of more serious problems. Always work with your doctor to determine the cause of your repeating infections before simply assuming that the cause is harmless.