Cocoa butter is a natural antioxidant from the cacao bean that has been used to treat scarring, fibromyalgia and even heart disease. With its proven healing properties when used on the body, it is really no surprise that cocoa butter has now made an appearance in eye cream. The skin around the eye is the most precious and delicate skin on the face, making it the most vulnerable to scarring and early aging. Cocoa butter is a natural remedy for treating these challenges.

Natural Moisturizer

Cocoa butter is an effective natural moisturizer because it possesses antioxidant properties. These properties enable the skin to fight free radicals that cause skin damage. Cocoa butter also quickly absorbs into the skin which is important when using around the eyes because it is easily applied without any tugging or rubbing of this extremely delicate skin.


One of the healing properties of cocoa butter is elasticity. Because the skin around the eye is so delicate, it can lose elasticity from actions as simple as tugging on the eyelid to apply eyeliner. The regular use of cocoa butter eye cream will promote elasticity, tightening the skin around the eye.


Since cocoa butter eye creams promote elasticity in the skin, it is only natural that they would address other signs of aging as well, such as lines and wrinkles. Polyphenol is an active property in cocoa butter that stimulates the skin by reducing the amount of active oxygen carrying blood to prevent the build-up of cholesterol. The results of this process is minimized lines and wrinkles.

Dark Circles Under the Eyes

Dark circles are a common problem under the eye resulting from aging, stress, lack of sleep or genetics. The moisturizing effect of cocoa butter effectively treats and fades dark circles under the eye. Cocoa butter also contains anti-inflammatory agents that treat dark circles from the inside out.