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Some types of facial wax hair removers remove hair more easily, comfortably and effectively than others. Certain ingredients also aid in the ease and comfort of use. Facial skin is sensitive. A facial hair wax remover that is long lasting, painless and least irritating to the skin is a good choice for any skin type.

Long Lasting

Face wax strips are effective at removing hair for up to four weeks. They are typically thin layers of wax on plastic strips that work best when heated briefly between the hands. Some facial waxes come in a separate container and are applied to the face with a spatula. Use accompanying paper or cloth strips to remove hair. When using strips, apply pressure to remove hair effectively from the root for longer lasting results.

Most Painless

Water based waxes are the most painless and best for sensitive skin. Starch and sugar work to remove hair comfortably and without causing redness or irritation. Hard wax that removes hair without the need to use strips also gently removes hair. The wax is thick and should be heated before it is applied. Allow it to cool before removing. It becomes solid and does not stick to the skin. However, it can be difficult to precisely remove hair with this type of wax.

Best for Skin

Ingredients such as almond oil and glycerin moisturize the skin. Some waxes contain aloe vera gel and vitamin E, which both soothe skin. Applying aloe vera gel directly to the skin is equally effective. Use a mild antiseptic, such as witch hazel or menthol, on your skin after waxing. This will help to lessen skin irritation. Be sure not to touch skin much after waxing or applying these soothing treatments. Skin is sensitive after waxing, and too much contact may cause irritation.

Most Effective

All natural wax and beeswax are most effective in removing both easy-to-remove and stubborn, coarse dark hairs. These types of waxes are gentle on skin and remove hair for up to eight weeks. Look for products that contain or come with azulene oil, an extract from the chamomile plant. It inhibits hair growth and softens and soothes skin. Azulene oil is non-irritating and recommended for all skin types, especially sensitive skin.