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Exfoliation helps give skin a fresh start by buffing away dead cells and revealing a smooth layer. Whether you're aiming for smooth lips or a younger face -- or just want to heal the effects of the elements on dry elbows or heels -- a good moisturizer seals in a healthy scrub. The best type of moisturizer depends on your skin type, what body part is being targeted and whether you personally favor rich creams or nourishing oils.

Face Time

Whether a microdermabrasion treatment or a deep-cleaning with spinning bristles at home, exfoliation lets you put a fresh face forward. You can even use a gentle exfoliating facial wash with beads that help slough away dead skin. After your face has been rinsed, it's time to nourish and protect. Liberally apply a nighttime face cream suited to your specific skin type while your skin is still slightly damp. Since a moisturizer may work better for one person than another, try some samples at a beauty counter to determine which ingredients your skin drinks up. Make sure your daytime moisturizer has at least SPF30 to protect your face from harmful rays.

Body Butters

Smooth arms and legs start with a scrub of rough, gritty polish on the skin. Use a sugar-based scrub that infuses some moisture into the skin while you work, or try other scrubs that include moisturizing ingredients such as shea butter or almond oil. After you've rinsed off the scrub, reach for a thick body butter or olive oil for dry skin, according to your preference. If your skin isn't that dry or you need a lighter option in warm weather, try a creamy lotion that absorbs quickly and use a thicker moisturizer on your hands as well as your elbows and knees.

Pucker Products

Lips may be the most consistently moisturized part of the body as many apply lip balm or moisturizing color multiple times a day. Still, this area of skin prone to dryness could use a deep conditioning treatment now and then, especially when the cold of winter or irritating dry weather roll through. Lip exfoliation can be as simple as rubbing a dry toothbrush or washcloth across the lips or using a sugar-scrub product. This must be topped with an intense lip moisturizer to work as intended. Use a product rich in ingredients such as lanolin, jojoba, essential oils and vitamins. Apply liberally and allow it to soak in.

Happy Feet

A cold, dry winter and a summer running around in sandals can both take a toll on your soles. Exfoliating tough heels or the balls of your feet requires a foot-specific scrub or a pumice stone to gently buff away the driest spots. Moisturize with pure petroleum jelly, a medicated foot cream specifically designed to soothe cracked heels or a lotion that corresponds to your level of skin dryness. Cover feet with cotton socks and sleep to give a liberal layer of moisturizer several blissful hours to soak in.