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A urinary tract infection can affect any woman at any age, causing painful, frequent urination, blood in the urine, fever and other uncomfortable symptoms. Unhealthy bacteria is most often the cause of UTIs, but they can also be the result of urinary stones or a tumor. Raw garlic, which has been used for centuries as an herbal antibiotic, may be helpful in treating urinary tract infections. However, if the infection persists or is accompanied by high fever you should visit your doctor.

Make a cup of garlic tea by mashing two cloves of garlic and adding 8 oz. of hot water. Allow the tea to steep for five minutes before consuming. Drink three cups per day until symptoms disappear.

Add raw garlic liberally to salad dressings and other foods. Eating raw garlic is the best way to get its antibacterial properties. You can make dips with fresh garlic and you can spread fresh garlic on toast.

Take a garlic "shot" one to three times per day. Mash up two cloves of garlic and put it on a spoon. Add a few drops of olive oil, which will help protect the stomach, and swallow the spoonful without chewing.


Be advised that this is a home remedy and that there is little scientific evidence to support its efficacy. If your symptoms are moderate or severe, see your doctor as soon as possible.