Swollen red upper eye lid with onset of stye infection
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Many types of infections can involve your eyes. One of the most common, pink eye, can stem from a virus, bacteria or fungi, and this infection will involve the tissue that covers the white of your eye and underside of your eyelids. Infections might also occur inside your eye, such as the iris, the colored part of your eye. Certain supplements might offer some relief for eye infections, but supplements such as sovereign silver might result in serious side effects.

The Basics

Sovereign silver, also known as colloidal silver, comes in a liquid that contains particles of silver. Your body does not require or use silver for any process, but manufacturers of sovereign silver products often say the products might help cure or prevent a variety of health problems, such as diabetes, cancer and other serious conditions. They also say the product can treat infections. However, one study conducted at Bamalete Lutheran Hospital determined that colloidal silver products do not have any known effect on infection-causing microbes.

Side Effects

In addition to not having any proven effect on eye infections, using silver products might result in a number of serious side effects. You might experience a rash, seizures or damage to your kidneys. Long-term use of silver products also might result in a buildup of the silver in your body, and this could lead to skin discoloration, a condition known as argyria, which results in a blue or gray tint to your skin. This skin discoloration is permanent and will not dissipate, even if you stop using the product.


The treatment for your eye infection will vary, depending on the type of infection you have, such as a bacterial or viral infection, and you will need a different treatment if you have an infection on the surface of your eye vs. inside your eye. The only way to know for certain which treatment you should use is to contact an ophthalmologist. She will examine your eyes and recommend an eyedrop or discuss other treatment options. If you want to try a supplement instead of a medication, your doctor can help you determine which supplement, if any, would help your condition.


You should not begin using a supplement such as sovereign silver without first talking to your doctor. Supplements might not only cause side effects, but also might interact with medications. In the case of sovereign silver, the product will interact with tetracycline, penicillin, thyroxine and other medications.