When your thyroid gland becomes enlarged, the term goiter describes the swelling, the Cleveland Clinic reports. Your thyroid gland, located in your neck, becomes larger when growths occur within the thyroid gland. This health problem caused by poor iodine intake requires treatment. Before starting an herbal treatment, talk to your doctor.


Garlic, an herb used to enhance taste in spaghetti sauces, also contains therapeutic effects for your thyroid problems, nutritional therapist Gale Maleskey states in her tome, “Nature’s Medicines: The Definitive Guide to health Supplements.” Garlic is known to decrease swelling in your neck caused by an enlarged thyroid. Eat garlic at least three times a week to promote wellness and to stop goiter development. You also can take garlic as a supplemental pill.

Herbal Mixtures

Bugleweed, oat-straw, lemon balm and horsetail help to balance the hormones secreted from your thyroid, Maleskey states. Herbs help to calm the hormonal confusion that occurs with acute stress and illness. You can take these herbs in capsule or tea form. For the manufacturer’s instructions on the labels for use. As always, seek the advice of your physician before starting an herbal supplement for your thyroid.

Green Tea

Green tea, a known stimulant and energy booster, helps to enhance the working of your thyroid. This addition to energy levels helps to stop the formation of goiters in your neck, nutritional specialist Laurel Dewey notes in her work, “Amazing Herbal Remedies.” You will need to consume green tea at least three times a day. Before starting this green tea supplement for your thyroid, speak to your doctor.


You can eat this herbal seaweed as part of your diet to increase your iodine intake. You may enjoy it in soup or as a tea, or you can take it in capsule form. This herbal seaweed supplement helps to increase the activity of your thyroid preventing further goiter development. Talk to your physician before starting this supplement.


This herbal seaweed remedy for your thyroid is high in iodine, MedlinePlus reports. It can be taken in capsules or as tea. Read the instructions on the label before starting this supplement. Talk to your doctor and obtain his advice regarding this herb.