You do not have wrinkles yet, but you want to help prevent them from forming for as long as possible. Wrinkles and fine lines are a natural part of aging, but certain products can improve the appearance of your skin and make these lines less noticeable. Differin gel is a prescription product designed to treat acne, but because it contains a topical retinoid, it may help stave off wrinkles as well.


Differin gel contains adapalene and comes in a concentration of 0.1 and 0.3 percent. Adapalene is a topical retinoid, a medication that is derived from vitamin A It acts as a keratolytic, which aids the skin in loosening the bond between cells and thereby encourages the old ones to fall off and new cells to form.


Only a doctor can prescribe Differin gel, and its primary purpose is to treat acne. However, because of the keratolytic action of topical retinoids, this gel can also even out your skin tone and make your complexion softer and smoother. By getting rid of dead skin cells and increasing the rate at which your skin makes more, adapalene refines your skin’s texture and evens out fine lines or wrinkles. It also helps improve the look of skin that has been damaged by the sun and incurred age spots or other discolorations, according to DermNet NZ.


Apply Differin gel at night, or as directed by your dermatologist. First, wash your face with a mild cleanser to get rid of any dirt, oil or makeup. Dry your skin thoroughly with a towel and then smooth on a thin layer of the gel. If you have sensitive skin or find that this product makes your face severely dry, DermNet NZ recommends washing it off after you have allowed it to stay on for 1 hour. You can also apply the gel every other night.


Some people experience burning, stinging and peeling when they first begin using Differin gel, and the company states that this usually decreases after a month of applying the product. If your irritation does not go away, consult your doctor, who may recommend that you stop using Differin gel. Adapalene also makes your skin more prone to sunburn and sun damage, and sunscreen should be applied before you go outdoors.


Applying Differin gel more often or in heavier amounts can cause excessive redness, stinging or peeling, and the company states that a more frequent application will not enhance the efficacy of the gel. Do not use this product in conjunction with any other acne medications, topical retinoids or other anti-wrinkle creams, as this can cause severe skin irritation. Tell your doctor about any other medications you are on, and do not add any products to your routine without first consulting him.