Dried Oregano
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Using a folk remedy, you can use oregano oil to remove skin tags — or harmless overgrowths of skin, typically appearing on the groin, neck, armpits or other areas where there are skin folds. The Skin Center in Laguna Hills, California, suggests that it is possible to use a home remedy to remove skin tags. But before attempting to remove benign growths on your own, consult with your doctor to confirm that your overgrowth is indeed a skin tag and not something else.

Apply 5 drops of oregano oil directly to the skin tag. Oregano has antispasmodic and antiseptic properties. As a topical application, it serves as a cleansing and numbing agent — albeit it may cause initial irritation when first applied to the skin.

Grab the stalk of the skin tag and pull it taut. A skin tag has a base, where it meets healthy skin, and a stalk, which is the overgrowth. By grabbing the stalk, you make the base of the skin tag more visible.

Tie a piece of silk thread or dental floss around the base of the skin tag. You are going to keep the thread in place until the skin tag falls off, so tie a double knot to keep the thread secure.

Cut off loose ends of the thread to keep it clean throughout the treatment. You will not need a fresh piece of thread each day as you would need for bandages covering open wounds.

Apply oregano oil directly to the overgrowth three times a day. Allow the oil to air-dry before dressing. Joe and Terry Graedon, columnists and co-authors of “Best Choices from the People’s Pharmacy,” suggest you remain aware of the normal color changes that occur over the next few days, as the color change stems from the cutting of oxygen supply to the skin tag. It may change from red to purple, blue or black.

Apply antibacterial ointment to the skin and cover the area with a bandage when the skin tag falls off, which usually happens within two weeks.


Never remove skin tags on the eyelids. Only an ophthalmologist can remove skin tags located on the eyes.

If you have a skin tag around the rectal or groin area, consult with your doctor before attempting to remove it using any method, especially using oregano oil.

Do not allow oregano oil to come in contact with mucous membranes.