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Bumps, pimples, acne, cysts; any name you call them, blemishes can be emotionally unsettling, especially when on the face. According to, acne can develop from hormones, family history or bacteria. Bumps form on the skin when the hair follicle shaft overproduces oil and gets mixed with dead skin cells. When this happens, a plug forms under your skin, resulting in a pimple.

Home remedies can help heal your skin and prevent more pimples from forming. Acne is not a serious medical condition, but you may want to seek medical attention if it is a real concern for you.

Mix 1 tsp. gram flour together with 1 tsp. lemon juice in a small bowl. Add a 1/4 tsp. turmeric powder. Pour in just enough rosewater so that the mixture becomes pasty. Roshni Dayal shares this remedy in his book "Natural Beauty Secrets of India."

Mix all the ingredients together until they form a nice paste. Wash your face with a mild cleanser and pat dry. Apply the paste all over your face.

Leave the mask on overnight if possible. Be sure to put down a towel over your pillow if you choose to do this. Wash off with a natural toner, such as witch hazel, and moisturize your skin if necessary.


Dayal also shares several more remedies in his book. Try mixing 1 tbsp. gram flour with carrot or cucumber juice and apply it to your skin. He also suggests rubbing ice cubes made with rosewater over your face. This helps to tighten pores and draw circulation to your face.

Avoid touching and picking at your face. This can cause bacteria to spread and more bumps to form. Wash your face before applying makeup, and make sure to take makeup off each night. also suggests taking zinc supplements or applying brewer's yeast to the affected areas.


A doctor can prescribe certain medications for serious acne if home remedies do not work.