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Epsom salt is a compound made of magnesium sulfate that carries a potential host of benefits. As a mouthwash, Epsom salt is used to combat chronic halitosis and sore throats, and can help relieve toothache pain as well. Gargling with Epsom salt also works as a germicide to keep your mouth clean in general. Epsom salts will not affect your blood pressure as sodium from regular table salt would.

Measure out a cup of room temperature to lukewarm water, add 2 tbsp. of Epsom salt and mix thoroughly to ensure salt has dissolved. It is normal for some of the excess salt to sink to the bottom and look like sediment.

Tilt back your head as if to drink, and take a small mouthful of the liquid into your mouth. You should leave your lips slightly parted. Let the liquid go through your mouth and rest at the beginning of your throat. It should feel as if you're about to swallow the liquid.

Let out a breath through your throat. This will cause the liquid to bubble inside your mouth. Do this for a period of five seconds, then close your lips and tilt your head forward to let the liquid flow away from your throat into your mouth. Breath in and tilt your head back and repeat five to six times. Spit the Epsom salt mouthwash out and rinse with plain water to take away any unpleasant taste.


Be careful not to swallow too much Epsom salt solution, as Epsom salt is a known laxative.

Do not consume magnesium sulfate if you have kidney disease.