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Acne can be an unsightly skin condition that usually attacks the face, making the condition highly visible. It causes a variety of skin lesions that look like red bumps and often have black or white tips, and which may develop a crust. The National Institutes of Health, or NIH, explains that three out of every four American teenagers struggles with acne. Many of them are embarrassed by its effect on their appearance. Fortunately there are ways to still look pretty even when you're fighting a pimple attack.

Apply acne medication every day to control your pimples as much as possible. Acne is usually treatable with store-bought lotions, creams, pads and other products containing benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid, the editors at "Glamour" magazine advise. It takes time to tame pimples, so you may not see results for several weeks. You will, eventually look prettier if you are consistent with your treatment routine.

Limit your face washing no more than twice daily. It's okay to gently cleanse your face with water and mild soap in the day and evening. Doing it more often, can harm your appearance by irritating the skin and cause new outbreaks, the website warns. You will look prettier and have more luck controlling your pimples if you don't over-cleanse.

Buy makeup that does not promote acne. Products that don't cause pimples are usually labeled as water-based, oil-free or noncomedogenic, NIH explains. Use these cosmetics to enhance your appearance and mask pimples without causing new outbreaks.

Style your hair in a flattering way to draw attention away from your face. Don't let strands hang against your facial skin, as oily or greasy cosmetic and hair products could irritate your pimples, according to MedlinePlus. Tie your hair back with colorful accessories that complement your outfit. This looks attractive and keeps the hair from rubbing against the lesions.

Visit a dermatologist if your home treatment efforts do not adequately control your acne. Doctors have several treatment options to improve your pimples and your appearance, according to the American Academy of Dermatology. For example, you may get a prescription for oral antibiotics or a stronger topical lotion.


Acne can have severe psychological effects because of its appearance, even if it's just mild to moderate. Researchers from the Dalhousie University Medical School and the QEII Health Sciences Centre, both in Halifax, Canada, found that acne sufferers are more prone to anxiety and depression. The 2003 study also showed that they often have lower self-esteem as well as negative feelings with shame and embarrassment because of their appearance. Counseling may be necessary if sufferers are still dissatisfied with their appearance after treatment.