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Werewolves are not the only ones who know what the moon can do for hair. Astrologers also believe paying close attention to the cycles of the moon can determine hair growth and density. To achieve the hair results you crave, astrologers advise paying close attention to the monthly progression of the New Moon to Full Moon cycle and which of the twelve astrological signs the moon will be in at the time of the haircut; earth and water signs generally produce the strongest effects.

Faster Growth

The stylists at HairBoutique.com say that trimming or cutting your hair when the moon is just entering a New Moon phase will perpetuate hair growth. During the two weeks of this waxing New Moon phase, the body is replenishing its resources, expending less energy and striving to obtain its optimal health peak. Hair growth is accelerated during this time, especially when the moon is in the astrological house of the earth signs Capricorn or Taurus or in the water signs Pisces, Cancer or Scorpio.

Fuller & Thinner Hair

If it’s thicker hair you seek, trimming or cutting your hair near the end of a New Moon may render opposite results, according to astrologers at Llewellyn. The gist of the New Moon cycle is geared toward retaining nutrients and storing energy; near the end of the cycle the body begins to discard the excess it has stored which could result in thinner hair. The best time for harnessing the moon’s ability of creating thicker hair is when the moon lies in Pisces, Capricorn, Taurus or Cancer when Full Moon cycle begins.

Slowing Growth

The Old Farmer’s Almanac follows the phases of the moon when listing a handful of monthly “astrological best days” for cutting hair that will encourage or discourage hair growth. The astrologers at Llewellyn believe that trimming or cutting hair during the waning Full Moon phase slows down the process of hair growth. The most beneficial results for slowing down hair growth occur when trimming or cutting are done when the moon enters the fire signs Sagittarius, Aries or Leo or in the air signs Gemini or Aquarius.