Mature woman and wrinkles.
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Some facial wrinkles are unavoidable. As you age, your skin loses its elasticity, and lines around your eyes become more visible. Prevention is key when it comes to avoiding as many eye wrinkles as possible. A few lifestyle changes and beauty techniques can help keep your eye wrinkles to a minimum. You also have a few options for reducing the appearance of lines on your face using over-the-counter beauty products or professional cosmetic procedures.

Wear sunscreen. Most facial wrinkles are caused by the sun's harmful ultraviolet rays. Use a sunblock that offers at least 15 SPF in sun protection. Wear sunblock each and every time you go outside to prevent wrinkles around your eyes.

Put on sunglasses. Squinting in the sun can cause wrinkles around your eyes. Buy yourself a pair of ultraviolet-blocking sunglasses and wear them whenever you go out in the sun.

Moisturize. Using moisturizer around your eyes protects your skin from the sun's rays. As you age, your skin produces less sebum, which acts as a natural moisturizer and sun protectant. By replacing this sebum with a lightweight eye gel, you can replicate the sebum's protective properties and avoid wrinkles around your eyes.

Stop smoking. Both the repetitive facial motions you use when smoking and the free radicals in cigarette smoke can lead to premature facial wrinkles. By quitting smoking, you'll help your skin get more oxygen and make your skin stronger with fewer wrinkles.

Get a microdermabrasion treatment. Visit an aesthetician for a professional microdermabrasion or chemical peel treatment. These techniques remove dead skin cells from your face, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles around your eyes.

Apply a nighttime eye cream. Use one designed to boost collagen, such as a cream that contains vitamin A retinols.


If you have eye wrinkles, using a concealer to hide them can make them look worse, according to "Real Simple" magazine. Makeup can get trapped in wrinkles and make them look larger than they are.


"Ladies Home Journal" warns against receiving laser facial treatments at spas and salons. Ask your dermatologist to recommend a licensed and trained provider if you are considering laser treatments to reduce wrinkles.