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Pearl cream, also called mother of pearl cream or concha de nacar, has a history that dates back to the Ming Dynasty of ancient China and Pre-Columbian cultures of the Inca Empire. notes that since the late 1800s, the benefits provided by the ingredients in pearl cream make it an extremely popular skin care product, especially among Asian and Latin American women.


Depending on the manufacturer, pearl cream contains seashells, oyster shells or pearls, crushed to a diameter of about two microns. These shells contain an organic protein called Conchiolin that functions to remove dead skin cells and deep clean pores. In addition to the benefits exfoliating provides, cleaner pores can help prevent acne.

Skin Brightener

Another organic protein contained in pearl cream shells is nacre. Nacre is responsible for the iridescence you see in pearls and as an ingredient in pearl cream, it produces a whitening effect on your skin. This whitening effect can help reduce the appearance of age or sun spots, scars and even out skin tone, making your skin look brighter and more vibrant.


Manufacturers of pearl cream combine additional ingredients, such as olive oil, jojoba oil and avocado oil as moisturizing ingredients that soften and smooth your skin. Ingredients, such as carrot seed oil and hyaluronic acid, perform additional duties. Carrot seed oil helps remove toxins from the surface of your skin and works to stimulate new cell growth and hyaluronic acid, a component in connective tissue, helps slow the effects of the aging process.