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When you want to pamper and protect your skin, you'll need a product that has a moisturizing formula with healing properties. Palmer's Cocoa butter is made from fatty extracts of cocoa beans and is rich in vitamin E, natural antioxidants and other vitamins and minerals. Regular use of Palmers Cocoa Butter can improve the condition and texture of your skin, leaving it smooth and soft to the touch.


Cocoa butter contains the substance cocoa mass polyphenol, or CMP. According to a 2000 article on, CMP hastens the production of the immuno globulin E IgE, a group of antibodies that exacerbate dermatitis and asthma symptoms. Cocoa butter melts at body temperature and is easily absorbed into the layers of your skin. It retains its freshness for a long time having a shelf life of three years.

Heals Scars

Palmer's Cocoa Butter may help heal and reduce the appearance of scars, although there is no clinical evidence to support this. Massaging your skin on a regular basis can break down excess collagen and scar tissue. Using cocoa butter to massage may be beneficial as it contains vitamin E, which is known to help fade scars. Before applying cocoa butter, make sure you cleanse and exfoliate your skin. This will help remove dead cells and prepare your skin for the nourishing massage. Regular use may enhance your skin's appearance, leaving it smooth, clear and blemish-free.

Prevents Stretch Marks

Stretch marks can occur in pregnant women, the overweight, body builders, and adolescents experiencing growth spurts. Although cocoa butter does not remove stretch marks, it is said to prevent them from forming. Cocoa butter melts at body temperature, penetrating the dermis, where stretch marks develop. The vitamin E contained helps keep skin supple, so when stretched, it is able to retain its elasticity. A 2009 New York Times article highlighted a study published in 2008 by a team of dermatologists and obstetricians examining the success rate of cocoa butter in reducing stretch marks. A randomly selected group of pregnant women were given cocoa butter and a placebo to use. No difference in the women using the placebo or cocoa butter was found after months.

Hydrates Dry Skin

The emollient qualities contained in Palmer's Cocoa Butter moisturize, soothe and soften dry skin. The rich cocoa butter formula can be used to lubricate extra dry areas of your body, such as your knees, elbows and feet. Regular use evens out the skin tone by blending dark unsightly marks to make your skin glow with radiance. Palmer's Cocoa Butter does not provide protection from the sun, so make sure you use a sunscreen when needed. It comes in a variety of forms, including oil, lotion, body butter and lip balm.