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Apple cider vinegar may contribute to a mean salad dressing, but you can also work it into your beauty routine as well. Adding 1 to 2 cups of the vinegar to your bath water creates a rejuvenating experience that also provides health benefits. The key is to use only raw organic vinegar that contains sediment on the bottom, which is called the mother.

Treatment for Skin Disorders

Apple cider vinegar works as both an astringent and an antibacterial solution, according to Dr. Ramsey's Center for Natural Healing. Soaking in a vinegar bath reduces inflammation in the body and helps to cure skin infections caused by bacteria. For those suffering from sunburns, a soak in apple cider vinegar can relive the pain and swelling association with it. Skin infections such as athlete’s foot, eczema, yeast infections and even dandruff respond well to apple cider vinegar soaks.

Rebalances pH Levels

Soaking in a vinegar solution helps to maintain the proper pH level of your skin, which is naturally acidic, according to Alive. This acidic top layer of skin provides a barrier against toxins, but is stripped away through the use of body washes and soaps that have an alkaline base. Apple cider vinegar baths rebalance the skin's pH level to detoxify your body.