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Ensuring that your hair grows properly is important. A lack of the proper vitamins, minerals and supplements can cause your hair to become brittle, thin, dry and even contributes to hair loss. Fortunately, vitamins such as C, H and iron can help in keeping your hair healthy and strong, while making it grow fast and thick.

Vitamin H

Vitamin H, also called biotin, is part of the B complex group of vitamins and is essential for helping the body to convert foods into fuel, so that it has energy to burn off. Vitamin H is required to keep the hair, skin and eyes healthy. It also assists in metabolizing proteins and fats. Vitamin H helps in strengthening the hair, as it can be found in many cosmetic products, according to the University of Maryland Medical Center. A lack of vitamin H may result in hair loss. The best sources of vitamin H are eggs and nuts.


Iron is an essential trace mineral that is found in all cells of the body. It helps in creating red blood cells and transporting oxygen to all cells in the body, according to MedlinePlus. Iron is necessary for the normal growth and maintenance of your hair, allowing your hair to grow and keeping it strong, according to WomenFitness.net. A lack of iron may result in a condition known as anemia, which can make you feel extremely tired, weak and fatigued.

Vitamin A

Vitamin A is a fat-soluble vitamin and is deprived from two sources, which include retinoids, which are found in animal sources like eggs, liver and kidney, and carotenoids, which are found in a variety of fruits and vegetables, according to the Mayo Clinic. Vitamin A helps in promoting good vision. It also assists in growth and maintenance of hair and regulates retinoic acid in the hair follicles, according to NaturalNews.com.