Wild mustard in bloom image by Jeffrey Banke from Fotolia.com

Mustard oil, extracted from mustard seeds, can be used in cooking or in therapeutic applications. Mustard is commonly grown in the Mediterranean region and is widely used in culinary arts as well as to heal common ailments. According to the Wise Geek website, mustard oil has a pleasant odor and leaves very little residue when used topically on the skin as an ointment or massage oil. Mustard oil massage is beneficial for a variety of conditions involving the skin and internal tissues. If your condition persists, be sure to consult a medical professional.


Mustard oil massage can be extremely helpful to you for the joint pain and inflammation associated with arthritis. Wise Geek claims the use of mustard oil massage has a long history and can help relieve pain and stiffness in your joints.

Hair Loss

Mustard oil massage is commonly performed in India and can be used not only for the body, but also for the scalp. The India Parenting website claims mustard oil massaged into the scalp can help prevent hair loss. Organic Facts deems mustard oil massage a "hair vitalizer."

Fungal Infections

Mustard oil massage may be used for skin problems caused by a fungus, such as athlete's foot or rashes. The Organic Facts website attributes the anti-fungal effect of mustard oil to the compound allyl isothiocyanate, which gives mustard its pungent taste. You can massage mustard oil directly onto the area affected by the fungus.


Mustard oil is a very strong stimulant, according to Organic Facts, and mustard oil massage will help stimulate circulation to the skin. The oil is warming to the skin and will cause the massaged area to flush pink because of the increased blood flow.