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Flower essences are alternative medicines that purportedly impart the healing energies of specific flowers. Proponents say that they heal on an emotional level, allowing the physical body to heal as well by rebalancing negative emotional states related to tension, stress and anxiety. Rescue Remedy contains essence of star of Bethlehem, rock rose, clematis, impatiens and cherry plum. If you are breastfeeding, you can safely take Rescue Remedy whenever you feel tension or stress.

Flower Essences

According to, flower essences consist of a preparation of flower petals and water processed in the sun or by boiling. As a result of the process, according to the website, the water is "imbued" with the healing energy of the flowers. Alcohol or vinegar, added to the preparation, serves as a preservative. This produces a stock bottle of the individual essence.

Side Effects

According to Amy "Durga" Finnegan, certified Bach Flower Essence consultant, Bach Rescue Remedy and all flower essences have no side effects and are safe to take for any individuals, including babies and breastfeeding mothers. She says that the essence will only work when you need it. If you take the wrong essence for your condition or don't need it, it simply won't have any effect. The alcohol in the essence is such a tiny amount that it will not effect a breastfeeding baby.

Parent-child Relationship

Parents and children have such a close connection that they usually need to take the same essences, says Finnegan. If one is emotionally off-balance, it will throw the other off too. So they need to be treated at the same time. She recommends that parents take flower essences recommended for children, and vice versa. For a breastfeeding mother, any essence she takes will pass automatically to her baby.


Bach Rescue Remedy come in drops, spray, cream, gel, salve and pastilles. Take 4 drops in a glass of water and sip. For quick treatment, use the spray--simply spray twice on your tongue. Use cream, gel and salve on troubled or inflamed skin. Apply directly to the effected area. If you are taking Rescue Remedy pastilles, simply dissolve one on your tongue.


Although there are no side effects, flower essences sometimes create a "healing crisis." This typically occurs when treating a deeply rooted problem. Herbal practitioners claim that as a result of toxic emotions or substances leaving your body, you may feel worse before feeling better. This is like a detoxification reaction. Although it may feel discouraging, take it as a sign of healing, says

The Bach Rescue Remedy is an alternative medical product, and should not be used as a substitute for conventional medical care. See your doctor for any recurring or severe symptoms of anxiety.