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According to certified aromatherapist Amy "Durga" Finnegan, a cyst forms when a duct under the skin gets clogged with waste substances. To treat a cyst with essential oils, apply a warm compress infused with bergamont, chamomile, lavender or tea tree essential oil. To prepare a warm compress, stir 5 to 8 drops of essential oil into 2 cups of warm water and apply it to your cyst with a clean cloth. Always apply essential oils in the proper dilution and test your skin for sensitivity to essential oils by applying them--at the proper dilution--and waiting 24 hours to see if there is any reaction. The effectiveness of essential oils for removing a cyst has not been proven in clinical trials.


Bergamont essential oil has an uplifting citrusy scent. According to "Aromatherpay Guide to Essential Oils," it may help treat a variety of skin problems including cysts and acne. It is antiseptic and antifungal and may help fight localized infections related to skin problems. Bergamont oil may increase sensitivity to light. Avoid it if you are pregnant or have epilipsey.

German Chamomile

German Chamomile--matricaria recutita--is soothing for inflamed skin and "Aromatherapy Guide to Essential Oils" recommends it to treat skin problems including allergies, psoriasis, inflammation, boils, cysts and abscesses. "The Practice of Aromatherapy" notes that chamomile contains azulene, a substance that is common in many commercial cosmetics and may have remarkable inflammation-fighting properties. There is not conclusive clinical evidence to support the medicinal properties of azulene or chamomile.


According to "The Practice of Aromatherapy," lavender is the most versatile of all essential oils.and may be especially suitable as an antiseptic, and anti-fungal to treat an infected or inflamed cyst. Lavender may also help calming and soothe the nervous system. It is appropriate for all skin types and gentle enough to apply undiluted or to use with children.

Tea Tree

Tea tree oil, comes from the Australian tea tree and "Aromatherapy Guide to Essential Oils" recommends it for abrasions abscesses and acne. It may have properties to help fight bacterial, fungal and viral infection. Tea tree is safe for anyone to use and gentle enough for children.