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Trace minerals are a type of mineral essential to your body for optimal health but not required by your body in large quantities. Specifically, trace minerals support immune system function, energy, metabolism and antioxidant protection. Liquid colloidal mineral supplements are types of trace mineral supplements that purport better absorption by your body due to the small size of the colloidal minerals. Clinical evidence does not support the claims made by colloidal mineral supplement manufacturers about the safety or effectiveness of these products. As with any mineral supplement, you should speak with a medical professional prior to consuming a liquid colloidal mineral supplement.

Importance of Minerals

Minerals provide structure to tissues in your body such as your bones and teeth. Additionally, minerals support an adequate acid-base balance in your body and support the many processes of enzymes. Further, minerals play a role in your nerve impulse transmission and muscle contraction and support the release of energy from food in your body.


A colloid is a substance uniformly distributed in a microscopic way throughout another substance. Further, colloid particles have such a shape and size that they neither float nor soak in liquid solutions. According to the book “Colloidal Minerals and Trace Elements: How to Restore the Body’s Natural Vitality,” your body typically has an easier time absorbing smaller mineral particles. However, your body must first process the mineral particles in order for the mineral to have any biological value. A difference exists between organic and inorganic colloids. Inorganic colloids have the poorest absorption, while your body can readily absorb organic colloids. Organic colloids are naturally acidified, making these colloids easier for your body to process.

Liquid Colloidal Minerals

Manufacturers market a variety of colloidal mineral products that claim to come from specific sources and have specific health benefits. For example, some manufacturers claim that liquid colloidal minerals have a negative charge, allowing the minerals to pass through the pores of your intestines and reach your bloodstream. Clinical evidence does not support the purported benefits of these products. Additionally, since the Food and Drug Administration does not verify the accuracy of statements made by health supplement manufacturers, you will never know the true source or safety of the source of any liquid colloidal mineral supplement.

Additional Claimed Benefits

Manufactures of liquid colloidal mineral supplements also use scare tactics in an attempt to market and sell the liquid colloidal mineral supplements. For example, several manufacturers claim that most diseases result from preventable mineral deficiencies. They state that many people who die of apparent natural causes actually die from mineral deficiencies. Therefore, the manufacturers recommend the consumption of liquid colloidal mineral supplements. Specifically, for example, a copper deficiency can lead to graying hair and facial wrinkles at any age, and a selenium deficiency can explain Bell’s palsy, according to their claims. Clinical evidence does not support the claims made by the manufacturers of liquid colloidal minerals about the safety or effectiveness of these products.