Dark spots may be referred to as liver spots, age spots, pigment spots or brown spots. According to MayoClinic.com, these spots are harmless, but they may look like cancerous growths. In addition, they also state that these spots most commonly appear in adults over the age of 40; however, they may affect anyone. Essential oils may be used as an alternative treatment to reduce the appearance of dark spot on your skin. Always consult with your physician or dermatologist prior to self-treating any skin condition.


Essential oils are generally liquid, odiferous compounds that are naturally occurring in plant forms. According to Herbs2000.com, there are thousands of plant species; however, very few yield essential oils. Essential oils may be derived from the stem, the leaves, the flower or the root. The extraction of most essential oil is done by hydrodistillation. Patchouli, tea tree oils and sandalwood are examples of essential oils that may reduce the appearance of dark spots.


Dark spots may be attributed primarily to age. However, certain health conditions such as liver disease may produce dark liver spots. According to MayoClinic.com, age spots develop when the dark skin pigment called melanin that gives your skin its natural color becomes gathered in one area or is produced in higher concentration.


Dark skin spots from age and from other conditions such as liver problems generally have the same appearance. According to CNN Health, age spots will appear as flat, round areas of darker skin, may appear black, brown or gray in color and are more common to appear on areas of your body that are subject to the most sun exposure. For example they may appear on your shoulders, arms, legs and upper back.


Patchouli oil may be combined with geranium essential oils and used as a topical solution to reduce the appearance of dark skin spots and other skin conditions. According to Herbs2000, tea tree oil may be applied directly to the affected area of skin to treat a variety of skin conditions.


Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding should avoid using herbal remedies to treat skin or health conditions. In addition, if you suffer from sensitive skin or any type of allergies, be sure to consult with your physician before using essential oils. Essential oils should not be used on children without a pediatrician’s consent.