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Flushing the body with salt water is a quick and easy way to cleanse the digestive tract without the harmful effects of commercial medications. Salt water acts as a natural laxative that cleans impurities from the gastrointestinal system. Toxins are flushed out using a naturally-occurring mineral necessary for normal bodily functions. The flush can be performed in the morning or evening and used as often as necessary, according to SelfGrowth.com.

Pour 2 tsp. of unrefined sea salt into a quart jar. Proponents of the sea salt cleanse at CleansingOrSurgery.com recommend using unrefined sea salt instead of ordinary iodized salt for best results. Sea salt is preferable to processed salt due to the range of natural minerals it contains. As it travels through the body it picks up impurities in the digestive tract and provides needed minerals to the body that may not be available in the normal diet.

Fill the jar with lukewarm water and stir to dissolve and suspend the salt. The ratio of water to salt depends on the individual, and MasterCleanse writers suggest that the key to a successful detox is adjusting the amount of water and salt to get the right solution for the individual’s needs. Lemon juice may be added for taste purposes. The salt in the solution will not completely dissolve and will quickly move through the digestive tract over the next several hours after ingestion.

Drink the entire solution. If necessary, a straw will help make it easier to get down. Proponents of this method at SelfGrowth.com suggest that better results are obtained when the detox is performed first thing in the morning, while writers at the CleansingOrSurgery website recommend using the salt water cleanse in the evening. Both note the cleanse is completely safe and will work whether taken in the morning or evening.

Lie down on the right side of the body for 30 minutes to aid the solution in its journey through the digestive tract. After this period it is safe to get up and move around. Expect a bowel movement within the following one to two hours. Along with expelling sea salt, the body will expel toxins and waste that have accumulated in the system.


There are health risks associated with the sea salt flush, so be sure to follow the directions exactly and avoid this treatment if you have weak kidneys, high blood pressure, a heart-related problem, edema, diabetes or stomach/intestinal disease. For children under the age of 12, consult your doctor before administrating this treatment. Those suffering from ulcers or other digestive tract ailments should consult with a doctor before performing the salt water detox. People with severe constipation may want to use a gentler herbal cleanse before taking the salt water solution.