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As your skin matures and gets older, it may begin to sag and become wrinkled due to a drop in elastin and collagen. Although your dermatologist can perform effective lifting surgical procedures, you can also help firm and lift your skin using an at-home topical product. For the best firming results, select a firming cream that's been recommended by beauty and skincare experts.

Borghese Crema Intensiva Intensive Firming Creme

Borghese's firming cream is designed to reverse skin laxity, also known simply as sagging skin, according to anti-aging skincare expert Paula Begoun. She praises its emollient texture, which helps hydrate skin and gives it a slightly more lifted look by plumping up the skin cells. Borghese also adds additional beneficial ingredients like plant-based proteins.

Garnier Nutritioniste Ultra-Lift Firming Moisture Cream

Garnier Nutritioniste's firming cream comes recommended by the beauty editors of "Good Housekeeping" magazine, noting it can help to tighten sagging skin without being too heavy or clogging pores. The beauty editors specifically praised the cream's vitamin A content. According to the University of Maryland Medical Center, vitamin A may help stimulate collagen for less wrinkles and sagging.

Aveda Green Science Firming Eye Creme

For sagging and signs of aging around your eyes -- such skin problems are often most apparent here, due to the skin's thinner nature -- Aveda's eye cream helps firm and rejuvenate. "Harper's Bazaar" magazine recommends it as a way to help thicken and firm the skin by boosting skin's collagen levels with peptides. As part of Aveda's all-natural product line, the cream contains several beneficial herbal ingredients such as moisturizing cactus oil and moisturizers derived from buckwheat.

Chanel Ultra Correction Lift Firming Night Cream

The editors of "Marie Claire" magazine love Chanel's firming night cream, calling it a "supercharged skin savior." Beneficial ingredients include glycerin and shea butter, plus fatty acids and jojoba oil. These ingredients help firm the skin and reduce sagging by adding lots of plumping moisture and re-establishing aging skin's natural protective barrier. Begoun also reports that the cream contains peptides and "intriguing" herbal extracts to nourish the skin and potentially help repair damage.