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A toothache is caused by nerve endings in the mouth just below the tooth, which create a painful throb. Toothaches can be caused by food particles stuck at the base of the tooth or cavities. Whatever the reason, using acupressure helps alleviate the pain to give you much needed relief.

Press the skin right behind your outer ankle bone and hold for one minute. Use your fingertip or knuckle to apply the pressure without pressing too hard, only using moderate pressure. You will feel the pain in your tooth start to melt away.

Squeeze your thumb and forefinger together with the hand that corresponds the toothache location. A ridge will form once you have squeezed the thumb and forefinger together. With your opposite hand, apply light pressure with the tip of your finger to the middle of the ridge. The middle will be indicated by a dip.

Grasp the toenail area of the second toe of the corresponding foot with your thumb and forefinger. Apply pressure to the side of the toe furthest from your big toe. Hold for one to two minutes until the pain is gone.

Pinch the skin of the corresponding foot where the second and third toe separate, applying moderate pressure. Hold for one to two minutes and release, slowly.

Apply pressure to the webbing located between the thumb and forefinger on the corresponding hand. You may use your knuckle, fingertip, or pinch with your alternate thumb and forefinger. Hold for one minute, and then release. Do not use this method if you are pregnant because this may cause uterine contractions.