Mederma produces a line of over-the-counter botanical creams and gels to help reduce the appearance of scars and stretch marks. Because these products require frequent, ongoing application to have any hope of success, the Mederma website offers a free daily reminder service (see Resources) to help you remember when it’s time to apply Mederma again. Mederma products are typically sold in three-month supplies, with a 20g tube sufficient to treat one scar of up to 3 inches long, and a 50g tube being enough for one scar up to 10 inches long.

Monitor new scars; you shouldn’t apply Mederma products to the wound until it’s healed and any sutures have been removed. You can begin using Mederma on old scars right away.

Uncap the Mederma tube and squeeze a small amount--smaller than the size of a pea--directly on to the scar. if you prefer, squeeze the same amount of Mederma onto the end of a craft stick or other applicator, then use the applicator to apply the Mederma to the scar. How much Mederma you use will depend on how large the scar is.

Smooth the dollop of Mederma into a thin, even coating over the scar, then gently massage it in. Leave the Mederma in place until it fully absorbs. Gently rinse away any excess with warm water.

Repeat Steps 2 and 3 for a total of three or four applications daily for Mederma scar removal products including Mederma for Kids, Mederma Gel and Mederma Cream plus SPF 30. Continue regular applications, three or four times daily, for eight weeks on new scars or three to six months for old scars.


Mederma also makes a stretch mark removal product, Mederma Stretch Marks Therapy, that you apply in almost the same way. Just massage a thin coating gently into affected areas, but only twice a day for four to 12 weeks.


If you accidentally swallow Mederma, contact a poison control center immediately. Consult your pediatrician before using Mederma on a child under 6 months of age.