Permanent makeup is a form of plastic surgery that is done through a process called micropigmentation. To give you the look of having eyeliner always on, a hand-held device is used to puncture the skin and push the pigment into the skin around the eyes. Before you consider getting micropigmentation performed, you should review the side effects.


If the procedure is not performed correctly, you may experience permanent scarring as a result of having the permanent eyeliner procedure done. To reduce the chance of scarring, get the micropigmentation surgery done by a board-certified plastic surgeon.


Since needles are used to change the pigment around the eyes, you do have a risk of experiencing bleeding at the injection site. This is likely to occur if the needles penetrate too far beneath the surface of the skin. You may also feel pain and discomfort following the procedure.


After you have undergone the permanent eyeliner procedure, you may look as though you have two black eyes. Bruising is a common side effect of micropigmentation. The bruising is only temporary and typically fades after three to five days.


Several factors can cause the permanent eyeliner to discolor. For example, sun exposure can make the color around the eyes fade. The natural aging process can also cause discoloration. If the needle is inserted too deeply, the pigments may spread out and adversely affect the color that appears around the eye area.

Allergic Reaction

When you undergo micropigmentation surgery, you are at risk of developing a potentially severe allergic reaction. It is important to seek medical attention immediately if you have any signs of an allergic reaction. These side effects include burning around injection site, itching, pain, swelling and bumps. However, some of these symptoms may not be an allergic reaction, but a part of the normal recovery process.