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Skin tags are tiny benign skin lesions found in areas around the neck, groin and armpit. They can be caused by a virus; a hormonal imbalance; or the friction of something rubbing against your skin, such as a piece of jewelry or a car seat belt. Unlike inflammatory skin disorders, skin tags are not painful unless something rubs against or cuts them. If you are bothered by unsightly skin tags, one of the simplest treatments is to remove them with thread or dental floss, according to dermatologists at the Skin Center website.

Pour isopropyl alcohol onto a sterile gauze pad and wipe the area around the skin tag.

Cut a piece of thread or dental floss and wipe it with isopropyl alcohol.

Loop the clean thread or floss around the skin tag. Position the thread as close to the base of the skin tag as possible.

Tie the thread into a tight knot and then tie another knot so it will not come loose.

Trim the ends of the thread or floss with scissors wiped with alcohol so the ends do not catch on anything.

Wait several days to one week until the skin tag falls off. The thread should inhibit the blood supply to the skin tag, causing it to wither and die.

Apply isopropyl alcohol to the area during the waiting period to keep it germ-free.

Apply peroxide or antibacterial ointment to the area after the skin tag falls off. Repeat until the area heals completely.

Cover the area with a sterile bandage or sterile gauze after the skin tag falls off until it heals completely.


Ask your doctor to remove the skin tag if this method is not successful. Your doctor can remove it by freezing, electrolysis or surgical scissors.

You can remove skin tags while pregnant but speak to your doctor first.


Talk to your doctor before removing a tag to make sure the growth is a benign skin tag and not some other type of skin disorder.

Call your doctor if a growth appears in the same area. Skin tags should not grow back.