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Saline nasal spray has several advantages over steroid nasal sprays and over no treatment at all. Saline sprays can be used to moisturize dry sinus cavities, loosen nasal congestion, and remove debris or pollens from the nose. Water and salt or sodium comprise the spray. This treatment is less expensive than other options and can even be made at home. suggests purchasing an additive-free form of saline nasal spray to prevent any unwanted side effects such as a burning sensation during application.


When used to treat congestion, saline sprays work to dislodge the mucus in the sinus cavities. The blockage can naturally flow out or be blown out in a tissue. Mayo Clinic explains how saline sprays do not lead to a worsening of symptoms when they are discontinued, as opposed to decongestants. Parents can even use saline spray or drops for infants and children to assist in clearing out mucus within the nose. Relief is immediate with saline nasal spray according to


A saline spray can be used to wash or rinse pollens or other allergens from the nasal cavities. suggests that individuals who use saline nasal sprays use fewer allergy medications because they are able to rinse the allergy triggers from the nose. Other debris that may be rinsed from the nose in this manner include dust, especially drywall dust or other particles from the work environment that may be irritating.


Use saline spray to provide moisture to the nasal passages to prevent crust or dried mucus from building up. When this occurs a sinus infection can be the result as bacteria grow under mucous crusts, says Do not continue using saline spray if bleeding occurs as the salt could further irritate the mucus membranes. The saline softens mucus making it easier to remove. When mucus is no longer stubborn the user may blow her nose less frequently resulting in less irritation to the outer nose tissues. points out that many children may prevent chronic nasal or sinus problems by using saline nasal spray to add moisture to the sinus passages.